avoid obviousness
Christelle. You wish I was yo baby mama want me to come around give you good karma but NO

the word yolo is still used in 2014?

me too. do any of the original owners still get on there?

the only one ik i think is probably richiexfenty and prob one other one but everyone else is gone

i remember when they were prestigious as hell like 3 years ago

ik! they were like the only really good rih blog and i used to be so happy when they reblogged me but they’ve changed..it’s weird now

look at this whine

omg at the amount of times fyr has reblogged those tush pics of rih


go off

eminem’s verse on forever»»»

*hates overly pop lip synced songs*

*makes an exception for britney spears*



tumblr has ruined the word daddy forever

if i ever have a kid and they call me daddy i’m going to think of that skinny nerd whipping his bed with a belt


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  • don’t claims as yours


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